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Over 285 original images of Savannah: Georgia's first city & port, tourist attractions, architecturally-significant buildings, parks, monuments, museums.

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Savannah Cotton Exchange & Factor's Walk Savannah Cotton Exchange. Savannah, GA Dome of Savannah City Hall. Savannah, GA Buildings on Factors Walk where traders stood on bridges to survey cotton below. Savannah, GA
Savannah Harbor & Riverfront Savannah River scene. Savannah, GA Savannah River Queen decorated like steam river boats of bygone era. Savannah, GA Statue of Savannah's Waving Girl who greeted ships passing in & out of harbor. Savannah, GA
Talmadge Memorial Bridge, Savannah Cables of Talmadge Memorial Bridge. Savannah, GA
Savannah Historic Squares Photo Map Lion with shield on the base of Oglethorpe Monument by artist Daniel Chester French & architect Henry Bacon. Savannah, GA Savannah Bank Building. Savannah, GA Wesley Monumental Methodist Church on Calhoun Square. Savannah, GA
Colonial Park Grave marker with urn in Colonial Park Burying Ground. Savannah, GA
Forsyth Park Forsyth Fountain in Forsyth Park was modeled after the one on Paris's Place de la Concorde. Savannah, GA
Lafayette Square Hamilton-Turner House. GA
Madison Square Green-Meldrim Mansion served as Civil War General Tecumseh Sherman's Headquarters for the occupation of Savannah. Savannah, GA
Monterey Square Mickve Israel Synagogue on Monterey Square for a congregation which arrived 1733. Savannah, GA
Wright Square Clock tower detail of old Chatham County Courthouse. Savannah, GA
Savannah Gardens & Flowers Camellia flower. Savannah, GA White Camellia flowers on shrub. Savannah, GA
Savannah Heritage Churches Cathedral of St. John the Baptist on Lafayette Square. Savannah, GA Steeple of Independent Presbyterian Church where Woodrow Wilson was married. Savannah, GA
Savannah Museums Cast iron support details of side porch of Owens-Thomas House. Savannah, GA Davenport House Museum. Savannah, GA
Savannah History Museum Alternative guess at model of Civil War ironclad CSS Georgia at Savannah History Museum. Savannah, GA World War I era dental instruments used until 1980 at Savannah History Museum. Savannah, GA
Savannah Roundhouse Railroad Museum Nose of Central of Georgia steam locomotive #8 at Roundhouse Railroad Museum. Savannah, GA
Telfair Museum of Art Jepson Center for the Arts Auditorium Entrance part of Telfair Museum of Art on Telfair Square. Savannah, GA Statue of Michelangelo before Telfair Academy of Arts & Sciences Museum. Savannah, GA
Old Fort Jackson, Savannah Display of uniforms used at Old Fort Jackson. Savannah, GA
Fort Pulaski Monument Fort Pulaski Monument on Cockspur Island was named for Revolutionary War hero General Casimir Pulaski, & was partly engineered by Robert E. Lee. It was site of an important Civil War engagement. GA Confederate Brooke Rifle with range of five miles & shell weighing 64 pounds was cast in Richmond, VA, is now at Fort Pulaski Monument. GA
Tybee Island Tybee Island Lighthouse. GA Beach at Tybee Island. GA
William Jay Architecture Entrance of Birthplace Museum of Girl Scout founder Juliette Gordon Low. Savannah, GA
John S. Norris Architecture Granite columns of United States Custom House each weighing 15 tons brought from Quincy, ME. Savannah, GA
William Gibbons Preston Architecture Poetter Hall. Savannah, GA

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