Springfield & Western Illinois Photos

Over 200 original images of Springfield & Western Illinois: tourist attractions, architecturally-significant buildings, monuments, & many sites associated with Abraham Lincoln.

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Illinois State Capitol, Springfield Illinois State Capitol. Springfield, IL Dome interior of Illinois State Capitol. Springfield, IL
Old Illinois State Capitol, Springfield Old Illinois State Capitol , where Lincoln served in legislature. Springfield, IL Unique staircase of Old State House. Springfield, IL
Abraham Lincoln in Illinois Cooper shop, the only original structure returned to site of Lincoln's youth. New Salem, IL Abraham Lincoln's house. Springfield, IL
Abraham Lincoln Home, Springfield Abraham Lincoln's house run by National Park Service. Springfield, IL Abraham Lincoln's desk in Lincoln Home. Springfield, IL
Abraham Lincoln Law Office, Springfield Lincoln-Herndon law offices in building originally built as department store & post office. Springfield, IL Abraham Lincoln's desk in his law office. Springfield, IL
Abraham Lincoln Depot, Springfield Great Western Railroad Depot where Lincoln made farewell speech before going to Washington to become President. Springfield, IL Model in Great Western Railroad Depot of Abe Lincoln giving farewell speech. Springfield, IL
Abraham Lincoln Tomb, Springfield Stairway to Civil War sculptures of Lincoln's Tomb. Springfield, IL Statue of Abraham Lincoln holding Emancipation Proclamation by Larkin G. Mead at Lincoln's Tomb. Springfield, IL
Lincoln-Douglas Debates Recreation of scene of Lincoln debating Douglas at Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum. Springfield, IL Statue of Stephen Douglas, who debated Lincoln, in Old State Capitol. Springfield, IL
Lincoln Presidential Campaign Abraham Lincoln campaign medals including Rail Splitter of the West, The Union Must and Shall be Preserved, & No More Slave Territory. Springfield, IL Lincoln campaign ribbons at Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum. Springfield, IL
Abraham Lincoln's New Salem Recreated log cabins of town where Lincoln's spent teen years. New Salem, IL Painting of New Salem, boyhood home Abe Lincoln near town of Springfield in Illinois State Capitol. Springfield, IL
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum & Library, Springfield Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum building. Springfield, IL Lincoln family replicas posed before white house at Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum. Springfield, IL
Springfield Heritage Buildings Victorian buildings along South 6th Street near Old State Capitol. Springfield, IL
Dana Thomas House, Springfield Dana Thomas house arched front door. Springfield, IL Dana Thomas house has 35 rooms & the largest collection of Wright designed furniture for any of his houses. Springfield, IL
Illinois State Museum, Springfield Red rib pattern glass pitcher at Illinois State Museum. Springfield, IL Flowers in yellow paperweight at Illinois State Museum. Springfield, IL
Bloomington Mansion of Judge David Davis rode circuit with Abraham Lincoln & was appointed by him to the Supreme Court. Bloomington, IL City corn cob decorations: Totem by Ron Woj Tanowski. Bloomington, IL
Cahokia Mounds Monks Mound , largest dirt pyramid in America at Cahokia Mounds World Heritage Site. IL Birdman Tablet symbol of Cahokia Mounds. IL
Rural Illinois Grain silo on Mississippi River Road near Prairie du Rocher. IL

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