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Over 70 original images of Maine: tourist attractions, parks, monuments. Maine is best known for its sea coasts, villages, lobsters & wilderness forests which offer tourist opportunities to the New England region. Maine was once part of Massachusetts & became a state in 1820.

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Augusta Log blockhouse of Old Fort Western put up as a trading post to settle the Kennebec River Valley. Augusta, ME Augusta's new city building. Augusta, ME
Maine State Capitol Dome of State Capitol replaced Bullfinch's original in 1911. Augusta, ME Interior of State Capitol dome. Augusta, ME
Maine State Museum Side view of Runabout made in Maine by Hollon Rawnsley in Maine State Museum. Augusta, ME Ceramic containers by Ballard & Brothers, Gardener, ME, in Maine State Museum. Augusta, ME
York First Parish Church was the fourth building of this parish founded in 1635. The building was turned & updated in. York, ME

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