Farmington, CT Photos

Farmington, CT is a quaint village west of Hartford which enjoys many early architectural structures and hosts two significant house museums: Hill-Stead and Stanley-Whitman House.

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Hill-Stead Museum, Farmington, CT Hill-Stead Museum in house designed by Theodate Pope Riddle. Farmington, CT Fireplace in Theodate Pope Riddle's room at Hill-Stead Museum. Farmington, CT The Guitar Player painting by Manet at Hill-Stead Museum. Farmington, CT
Stanley-Whitman House Museum, Farmington, CT Stanley-Whitman House Museum a New England saltbox structure. Farmington, CT Cradle at Stanley-Whitman House. Farmington, CT Bedroom with canopy & cradle at Stanley-Whitman House. Farmington, CT
Farmington, CT Town Farmington First Church of Christ Congregational. Farmington, CT Front doors of Deming Lewis House. Farmington, CT Timothy Pitkin House. Farmington, CT

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