Antoni Gaudí, an Architectural Chronology in Photos

Antoni Gaudí (1852-1926) is best known for his Modernista works in Barcelona like Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló, Casa Milà, Palau Güell, and Parc Güell. While this chronology concentrates on showing Gaudí's creations photographically, it also lists how his designs interacted with the other events in his life. Unrealized or disappeared projects are not included. This index links to hundreds of original images of Gaudí's artistry by Jim Steinhart.

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  • June 25 1852: Antoni Placid Gaudí i Cornet born in Reus.
  • 1863-8: Gaudí studies at Escoles Pies of Reus.
  • 1869: Gaudi moves to Barcelona to study.
  • 1873-7: Gaudi studies at School of Fine Arts which becomes School of Architecture at Univ. of Barcelona.
  • 1875: Gaudi does military service.
Antoni Gaudí portrait head by Josep Maria Subirachs at Sagrada Familia. Barcelona
  • 1877-1882: Gaudi works on designs for Parc de la Ciutadella under Architect Josep Fontserè: e.g. entrance gates, lamps & artificial cave at monumental fountain. Park becomes site of 1888 Universal Exposition.
Lampstand by Antoni Gaudí in Ciutadella Park, Barcelona Cascade fountain in Ciutadella Park of which Gauidi designed parts. Barcelona
Lampstand by Antoni Gaudí in Plaça Reial. Barcelona Lampstand by Antoni Gaudí in Plaça Reial. Barcelona
  • 1878: Gaudi designs display case in forged iron & wood to show gloves by Esteve Comella at 1878 Paris World's Fair. Eusebi Güell i Bacigalupi sees the case at the exposition & becomes Gaudi's patron.
Eusebi Güell patron of Antoni Gaudí at Palau Güell, Barcelona
  • 1878-82 Gaudi builds structures for Workers Cooperative of Mataró.
Modernista iron gates from Casa Vicens by Antoni Gaudí at Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, Barcelona Modernista corner fireplace designed for Casa Vicens in Alella by Antoni Gaudí at Gaudi House Museum in Parc Güell, Barcelona
Nativity east end of Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Tower top details at Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
El Capricho Comillas by Antoni Gaudí Spires of Gaudi's El Capricho Comillas
Font d'Hèrcules by Antoni Gaudí at Pedralbes Park, Barcelona Detail of Gaudí's metalwork dragon for Font d'Hèrcules at Pedralbes Park, Barcelona
Finca Güell Pavilions entrance gates, Barcelona
Palau Güell built for patron Eusebi Güell, Barcelona Ceiling in central hall at Palau Güell, Barcelona
Episcopal Palace of Astorga by Antoni Gaudí Portal of Gaudi's Episcopal Palace of Astorga
  • 1888-89: Gaudi redesigns & finishes Colegio de las Teresianas, Barcelona.
Casa Botines. León by Antoni Gaudí Portal of Casa Botines by Gaudi. León
Nativity Facade by Antoni Gaudí at Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Slaughter of Innocents on Gaudi's Nativity Facade at Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
Casa Calvet, Barcelona by Antoni Gaudí Gaudí bay window surround on Casa Calvet, Barcelona
  • 1900-9: Gaudi builds Villa Bellesguard, Barcelona.
Lizard by Gaudí on steps leading up to Parc Güell, Barcelona Entrance pavilions of Parc Güell, Barcelona by Antoni Gaudí
Casa Batlló, Barcelona by Antoni Gaudí Gaudi's four-armed cross atop at Casa Batlló, Barcelona
La Casa-Museo Gaudí where Gaudí lived in Parc Güell, Barcelona Statue of Antoni Gaudí at Gaudi House Museum in Parc Güell, Barcelona
Casa Milà, Barcelona by Antoni Gaudí Gaudi's space-alien chimneys atop Casa Milà, Barcelona
  • 1905-6: Gaudi builds Artigas Gardens, La Pobla de Lillet.
Completion plans for Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Gaudi's models for details at Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
  • 1908-14: Gaudi designs Church of Colònia Güell, Santa Coloma de Cervelló, (Barcelona).
Hanging structural model for design of Colònia Güell by Antoni Gaudí at Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
School built for children of workers building Sagrada Familia, Barcelona by Antoni Gaudí Door of Gaudí's school at Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
  • 1910: Gaudi's works are exhibited in Paris (first recognition outside Spain).
Passion facade of Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Model of the facade of the Passion Portico at Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
  • 1914: Gaudi abandons all projects to work full-time on Sagrada Familia.
  • 1922-6: Gaudi creates plaster models for sacristy naves & roof of Sagrada Familia.
  • 1922-3: Gaudi creates study for Gloria facade of Sagrada Familia.
  • 1925: Gaudi moves to site of Sagrada Familia.
  • June, 10 1926: Gaudi dies in Barcelona, 3 days after being struck by tram.
Antoni Gaudí bust from death mask by Joan Matamala at Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Antoni Gaudí on his death bed at Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

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