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Napoleon Bonaparte (born Aug. 15, 1769) gained prominence as a General during the French Revolutionary Wars (1792-1802). The French Senate awarded him the title of Emperor of France on May 18, 1804; he crowned himself on Dec. 2, 1804 in Notre Dame de Paris. He also served as President, then King of Italy (1802-14). He is best noted for the Napoleonic laws and reforms he introduced, plus a series of wars. At the start he most often succeeded in the battles he led, but eventually defeats brought him down, significantly his retreat from Moscow (1812) and the Battle of Waterloo (1815).

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Napoleon Portraits Detail of Général Bonaparte portrait from life by Jacques-Louis David at Louvre Museum. Paris, France Detail of Napoleon I on imperial throne painting by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres at Les Invalides. Paris, France Porcelain relief plaque portraying Napoleon as restorer of liberty by Sevres Manuf. at Louvre Museum. Paris, France
Napoleonic History Detail of Consecration of Emperor Napoleon I where Napoleon takes crown from Pope and crowns himself painting by Jacques-Louis David at Louvre Museum. Paris, France Retreat of Napoleon's Army from Russia in 1812 painting by Ary Scheffer of France at Yale University Art Gallery. New Haven, CT Napoleon at Battle of Waterloo June 18, 1815 print by Pellerin & Co. at Cabildo Museum. New Orleans, LA
Napoleon & Josephine Doors of Empress Josephine's birthplace at Musée de la Pagerie, her maiden name. Trois Islet, Martinique Empress Joséphine painting by Antoine-Jean Gros at Masséna Museum. Nice, France Glass medallions with ceramic portraits of Napoleon & Josephine attrib. Creusot at Museum of Decorative Arts. Paris, France
Napoleon Objects Hat of Napoleon Bonaparte at Les Invalides. Paris, France Carving of Neptune on bow of Emperor Napoleon I canot at Musée de la Marine. Paris, France Punch bowl with Neptune from tea service of Emperor Napoleon by Martin-Guillaume Biennais of Paris at National Museum of Scotland. Edinburgh, Scotland
Napoleon Relatives Jérôme Bonaparte, King of Westphalia portrait by François-Joseph Kinson at Les Invalides. Paris, France Portrait of Louis Napoleon, King of Holland & brother of Emperor Napoleon I by Charles Howard Hodges at Rijksmuseum. Amsterdam, NL Julie Bonaparte as Queen of Spain with her Daughters painting by Baron François Gérard at National Gallery of Ireland. Dublin, Ireland
Les Invalides & Napoleon's Tomb Dome of Les Invalides. Paris, France Tomb of Napoleon I at Les Invalides. Paris, France Return of ashes frieze of Napoleon milestones ringing his tomb at Les Invalides. Paris, France

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