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India, the major country in southern Asia, offers tourists a rich heritage of architecture, culture, wildlife and history.

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Delhi, India Salt protest statue of Mahatma Gandhi. Delhi, India Entrance to Delhi's Red Fort. Delhi, India Intricate brickwork of Qutub Minar. Delhi, India
Railroad Museum in Delhi, India Indians picnic on grounds of Railroad museum. Delhi, India Steam monorail designed to run on one steel rail while balancing wheel ran on flanking public road in operation in Delhi rail museum. Delhi, India Warning sign at rail museum with different English. Delhi, India
Mandawa, India Typical architecture of haveli,a manor house built by wealthy businessmen. Mandawa, India Painting on wall of haveli shows two Indians with antique rifles. Mandawa, India Women buying items from street vendor in Mandawa. Mandawa, India
Bikaner, India Architectural details of galleries of fort in Bikaner. India Mural showing war on wall of Bikaner fort. India Male & female statues in Jain Temple, Bikaner. India
Jaiselmer, India Tilon Ki Pol at reservoir in Jaiselmer. India Turreted walls of fort as seen from palace in Jaiselmer. India Salim Singh Ki haveli rises over Jaiselmer. India
Sam Sand Dunes National Park, Jaiselmer Camels the main mode of transport in Sam Sand Dunes National Park, West of Jaiselmer. India Boy leads a tourist riding a camel across Sam Sand Dunes. India Camel watches sunset at Sam Sand Dunes National Park. India
Sardar Sammand Sunrise over lake at Sardar Sammand. India Demoiselle Cranes along route south of Jodhpur. India Straw huts in village south of Jodhpur. India
Jodhpur View of fort from Jodhpur market. India Palace in Jodhpur fort, now converted to a museum. India Clock tower in market of Jodhpur. India
Roopangarth, India Kids pose in front of palace at Roopangarth. India Roopangarth lak makers with bracelets. India Tea wallah in Roopangarth. India
Jaipur, India Various instruments of astronomical observatory Jantar Mantar in Jaipur. India Guards & statues guard Palace of Jaipur. India Hawa Mahal, Palace of the Winds in Jaipur. India
Amber Fort, Jaipur Amber Palace of Jaipur. India Elephant are used to bring tourists to top of Amber Palace in Jaipur. India Mirrors & stonework formed into patterns on Amber Palace, Jaipur. India
Bharatpur Wildlife Reserve Painted storks near a tree at Bharatpur. India Dorsal view of White-Breasted Kingfisher <i>Halcyon smyrnensis</i>)at Bharatpur. India Eurasian spoonbill bird at Bharatpur. India
Fatehpur Sikri The Diwan-i-Khas Palace at Fatehpur Sikri. India Anup Talao Palace at Fatehpur Sikri. India Mosque at Fatehpur Sikri. India
Taj Mahal & Red Fort, Agra Reflecting pool at Taj Mahal in Agra. India Entrance gates of Red Fort, Agra. India Looking through Red Fort to Taj Mahal in Agra. India
Havelis of India The Patwan Ki havelis in Jaiselmer. India Mandawa area haveli in need of restoration. India Painting on wall of haveli shows decorated elephants. Mandawa, India
Animals on Indian Streets Sacred cow runs free on street in Chandri Chowk. Delhi, India Langur monkeys in gardens of Jodhpur. India Snake charmers with cobras in Jaipur. India
Traditional Dress in India Raj Ghat, cremation site of Mahatma Gandhi. Delhi, India Turbaned man in Jaiselmer. India Selling produce in Jaipur. India
Transport in India & Sourthern Asia Overloaded truck near Mandawa. India Colorfully painted public transportation truck near Jodhpur. India Truck drivers pose with their ornate truck. India
Mughal Architecture Domed columns of Taj Mahal in Agra. India Many windows on side of Mahal, Palace of the Winds, in Jaipur. India Tilon Ki Pol at reservoir in Jaiselmer. India

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