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Over 715 original photos of Mississippi: Jackson, Natchez, Vicksburg, Biloxi & Camp Shelby.

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Jackson, MS Streetscape up Congress Street to State Capitol. Jackson, MS Jackson City Hall. Jackson, MS Mississippi TelCom Center. Jackson, MS
Mississippi State Capitol, Jackson Dome of Mississippi State Capitol. Jackson, MS Stained glass domed skylight in House of Representatives of Mississippi State Capitol. Jackson, MS
Old Mississippi State Capitol & History Museum, Jackson Dome of Old Mississippi State Capitol. Jackson, MS Detail of Princess Feather pattern quilt by Mary Hicks Stovall at Museum of Mississippi History. Jackson, MS
Mississippi War Memorial, Jackson War Memorial Building a WPA project. Jackson, MS Sculpture of WW I soldiers ready for assault at War Memorial Building. Jackson, MS
Vicinity of Mississippi State Capitol Woolfolk State Office Building. Jackson, MS Carroll Gartin Department of Justice Building. Jackson, MS
Mississippi Governor's Mansion, Jackson Mississippi Governor's Mansion. Jackson, MS
Manship House Museum, Jackson Charles Henry Manship House Museum. Jackson, MS Sideboard of Manship House. Jackson, MS
Oaks House Museum, Jackson Oaks House Museum occupied by Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman. Jackson, MS China bowl painted with flowers in Oaks House Museum. Jackson, MS
Eudora Welty House Museum, Jackson Eudora Welty House Museum. Jackson, MS Portrait of Eudora Welty Pulitzer Prize-winning author. Jackson, MS
Mississippi Agriculture & Forestry Museum, Jackson Early gas station moved to Mississippi Agriculture & Forestry Museum. Jackson, MS Boeing Stearman aircraft outfitted as crop-duster at Agricultural Aviation Museum. Jackson, MS
Jackson Art Fish Koi fish street theme art. Jackson, MS Computer fish street theme art. Jackson, MS
Natchez, MS Natchez Institute home of Historic Natchez Foundation. Natchez, MS Fountain with Natchez Indian Medallion. Natchez, MS Rear round end of St. Mary's Catholic Basilica. Natchez, MS
Natchez Bridges & Mississippi River Double steel structures of US Highway 65 Bridge over Mississippi River. Natchez, MS Natchez Under-the-Hill & Riverwalk along Mississippi River. Natchez, MS
Natchez Heritage Buildings South of Main Bailey House. Natchez, MS Front door of Texada home oldest Capitol Building in Mississippi. Natchez, MS
Natchez Heritage Buildings North of Main Federal-style house with men's & women's staircases. Natchez, MS Balconies of House on Ellicott's Hill. Natchez, MS
Natchez Area Plantations & Mansions Elms Court mansion. Natchez, MS Melrose run by National Park Service. Natchez, MS
Longwood Octagonal House, Natchez Longwood of mid-19th century Oriental style built for Haller & Julia Nutt. Natchez, MS Central room of Longwood with skylights in ceiling. Natchez, MS
Stanton Hall, Natchez Stanton Hall. Natchez, MS Settee in Stanton Hall. Natchez, MS
Monmouth, Natchez Courtyard of Monmouth mansion. Natchez, MS Porcelain collection at Monmouth mansion. Natchez, MS
Emerald Mound on Natchez Trace Emerald Mound, built up over 300 years by ancestors of Natchez Indians. Natchez, MS
Vicksburg, MS Terra cotta detail of Mississippi River Commission Building. Vicksburg, MS Front door of Belle of the Bends now a B&B. Vicksburg, MS Cottage. Vicksburg, MS
Old Vicksburg Court House Museum Stairs leading up to Old Court House Museum. Vicksburg, MS Etching of Jefferson Davis in Old Court House Museum. Vicksburg, MS
Vicksburg National Military Park Illinois State Memorial by W.L.B. Jenney & sculptor Charles J. Mulligan. Vicksburg, MS Spirit of the Republic sculpture by Victor S. Holm on Missouri State Memorial. Vicksburg, MS Field desk used at Vicksburg battle by an Illinois quartermaster. Vicksburg, MS
Vicksburg National Military Park USS Cairo Museum Union Ironclad sunk 1862 by electrically detonated mine at USS Cairo Museum. Vicksburg, MS Bottles & pans recovered from USS Cairo. Vicksburg, MS
Vicksburg Battlefield Museum Painting of CSS Arkansas on Yazoo River by Herb Mott at Vicksburg Battlefield Museum. Vicksburg, MS Model of Confederate & Federal lines at Vicksburg in Battlefield Museum. Vicksburg, MS
Biloxi, MS Biloxi City Hall. Biloxi, MS Top detail of Biloxi Lighthouse. Biloxi, MS Beach in Biloxi with Beau Rivage Casino beyond. Biloxi, MS
Beauvoir, Jefferson Davis Home & Presidential Library, Biloxi, MS Beauvoir home of Jefferson Davis where former Confederate President wrote "Rise and "Fall of the Confederate Government". Biloxi, MS Portrait of Jefferson Davis at Beauvoir. Biloxi, MS Ceiling detail in central hall at Beauvoir. Biloxi, MS
Armed Forces Museum at Camp Shelby, MS M-4A Walker Bulldog light tank at Armed Forces Museum. Hattiesburg, MS CH-54 Tarhe heavy lift Skycrane helicopter at Armed Forces Museum. Hattiesburg, MS Nazi pins from 1936 Olympics at Armed Forces Museum. Hattiesburg, MS

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