Albany, Lake Champlain & Hudson River Valley, NY Photos

Over 545 original images of Hudson River Valley, Albany & Lake Champlain tourist attractions, architecturally-significant buildings, parks, monuments, museums. Above New York City, the Hudson River Valley becomes a scenic corridor of vistas of the Catskill Mountains, small villages, heritage architecture, mansions, and historic sites.

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Albany, NY Glass-domed spired atop New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Albany, NY Clock, eagle & justice atop old Union Station. Albany, NY Towers & arches of Albany City Hall. Albany, NY
New York State Capitol, Albany Detail of east facade & staircase of New York State Capitol. Albany, NY Goddess of war on war room ceiling of New York State Capitol. Albany, NY Senate Chamber of New York State Capitol. Albany, NY
Empire State Plaza, Albany The Egg seen across the fountains of Empire Plaza. Albany, NY Concrete grill of Cultural Education Center. Albany, NY The Agency Buildings each stands on its pedestal. Albany, NY
Union College, Schenectady, NY Nott Memorial Library at Union College. Schenectady, NY Dome interior of Nott Memorial Library at Union College. Schenectady, NY Interior balconies of Nott Memorial Library at Union College. Schenectady, NY
Saratoga Monument, Schuylerville, NY Saratoga Monument marked the surrender of the British Army under General John Burgoyne to General Horatio Gates commander of America Revolutionary forces. Schuylerville, NY "Women of the Revolution, 1776. Industrious, self-denying, frugal, clothing and feeding themselves and their families and giving aid and comfort to an army of defence" & "Rally of the people for the defense of their just rights, which resulted in the establishment of popular government" bronze relief by J.C. Markham in Saratoga Monument. Schuylerville, NY Rear of General Philip Schuyler house. Schuylerville, NY
Crown Point, NY & Chimney Point, VT Samuel de Champlain Tricentennial lighthouse & monument at Crown Point on Lake Champlain. Crown Point, NY Sculpture of Samuel de Champlain on Tricentennial Monument. Crown Point, NY Lake Champlain Bridge between Chimney Point, Vermont & Crown Point, New York. Addison, VT
Fort Ticonderoga, NY Canon & South Barracks building at Fort Ticonderoga. Ticonderoga, NY Mannequin of Revolutionary War soldier loading musket while on his back at Fort Ticonderoga. Ticonderoga, NY Fort Ticonderoga Garrison Gardens in Colonial Revival style. Ticonderoga, NY
Grant Cottage SHS, Wilton, NY Grant Cottage State Historic Site where Ulysses S. Grant lived his last days & finished his memoirs. Wilton, NY Parlor where President Grant spent most of his remaining days at Grant Cottage SHS. Wilton, NY Original floral gate from Grant's funeral in dining room at Grant Cottage SHS. Wilton, NY
Hyde Collection, Glens Falls, NY Hyde House original home Hyde Collection founders Charlotte Pruyn Hyde & Louis Fiske Hyde. Glens Falls, NY Glass dome in Courtyard of Hyde House building at The Hyde Collection. Glens Falls, NY Library hearth & English wing armchair at Hyde House. Glens Falls, NY
Van Buren's Lindenwald, Kinderhook, NY Porch of Lindenwald. Kinderhook, NY Sideboards & wallpaper of dining room at Lindenwald. Kinderhook, NY Scrolled archway bracket at Lindenwald. Kinderhook, NY
Olana, Hudson, NY Roofline detail of Olana house. Hudson, NY Olana home created by artist Frederic Edwin Church. Hudson, NY Woven branch fence of Olana. Hudson, NY
Clermont Mansion Entrance of Clermont House where Robert R. Livingston lived. He was one of five who drafted the Declaration of Independence, negotiator of the Louisiana Purchase, administered the Presidential oath of office to George Washington, & shared in the invention of the steamboat with Robert Fulton. Germantown, NY Gold tea service in Clermont. Germantown, NY Fireplace in library in Clermont house with paintings & convex mirrors. Germantown, NY
Franklin Roosevelt Home, Hyde Park, NY Neoclassical portico entrance of Roosevelt home run by National Park Service. Hyde Park, NY Portrait of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in New York State Capitol. Albany, NY Hill Top Cottage. Hyde Park, NY
Franklin Roosevelt Library, Hyde Park Drive ahead with Roosevelt campaign with plaque showing FDR & Uncle Sam in Presidential Museum. Hyde Park, NY NRA Code Retail Trade poster from 1934 in Presidential Museum. Hyde Park, NY F.D. Roosevelt's White House desk in Presidential Library & Museum. Hyde Park, NY
Eleanor Roosevelt's Val-Kill, Hyde Park Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site [aka Val-Kill]. Hyde Park, NY Portraits in the bedroom of Eleanor Roosevelt at Val-Kill. Hyde Park, NY Val-Kill end table manufactured by the Val-Kill furniture workshops owned by Eleanor Roosevelt. Hyde Park, NY
Vanderbilt Mansion, Hyde Park Portico of Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site now run by National Park Service. Hyde Park, NY Ceiling mural detail in Gold Room of Vanderbilt Mansion. Hyde Park, NY Entrance hall fireplace in Vanderbilt Mansion. Hyde Park, NY
Locust Grove, Poughkeepsie, NY Locust Grove home of telegraph inventor Samuel F.B. Morse. Poughkeepsie, NY Summer flowers at Locust Grove Gardens. Poughkeepsie, NY
Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY Main building of Vassar which once contained all classes. Poughkeepsie, NY Junction of Pelli's arts center & heritage Avery Hall. Poughkeepsie, NY
Philipsburg Manor, Sleepy Hollow, NY Philipsburg Manor gristmill. Sleepy Hollow, NY Philipsburg Manor gristmill. Sleepy Hollow, NY
Washington Irving home Sunnyside, Tarrytown, NY Concave tower roof of Sunnyside. Tarrytown, NY Bust of Washington Irving author of Legend of Sleepy Hollow at Sunnyside. Tarrytown, NY
Lyndhurst, Tarrytown, NY Lyndhurst now open by the National Trust. Tarrytown, NY Ceiling murals of women symbolizing day & night in Lyndhurst. Tarrytown, NY Neo-Gothic details of dining room in Lyndhurst. Tarrytown, NY
Irvington, NY Triple columns of Octagon House. Irvington, NY Spire detail of Renwick's Presbyterian Church. Irvington, NY
West Point Military Academy Cadet Chapel on West Point campus. West Point, NY Rail traffic along Hudson River near West Point. NY
Philipse Manor, Yonkers, NY Philipse Manor has elements dating back to the 1650s though exterior reflects alterations made in the 18th C. Yonkers, NY
Hudson River & Bridges Rip van Winkle Bridge over Hudson River near Olana. Hudson, NY Bear Mountain suspension bridge over Hudson River. NY
FASNY Museum of Firefighting, Hudson, NY Seagrave pumper with V12 Pierce-Arrow engine at FASNY Museum of Firefighting. Hudson, NY Portrait of 19th C Assistant Fire Chief at FASNY Museum of Firefighting. Hudson, NY

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