U.S. Presidential Monuments Photos

U.S. Presidential libraries, homes, monuments & other visitable sites plus portraits & objects used by Presidents. Chart lists Presidents in order served, term of office, birth & death years & summary of important sites. All photos are original by Jim Steinhart.

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1: George Washington

term: (1789-1797) lived (1732-1799)
Home: Mount Vernon, VA
Monuments: Washington, DC; Baltimore, MD
Birthplace: Westmoreland County, VA
Inaugural Site: New York City
Portraits; Monuments; Mt Vernon, VA;
Federal Hall Inaugural Site, New York, NY
1: George Washington by Gilbert Stuart in National Gallery of Art
2: John Adams

term: (1797-1801) lived (1735-1826)
Home: Peacefield + houses in Quincy, MA
Adams Life
Birthplace, Quincy
Peacefield, Quincy
2: John Adams by Gilbert Stuart in National Gallery of Art
3: Thomas Jefferson

term: (1801-1809) lived (1743-1826)
Home: Monticello, VA
Monument: Washington, DC
Monuments & Monticello 3: Thomas Jefferson by Gilbert Stuart in National Gallery of Art
4: James Madison

term: (1809-1817) lived (1751-1836)
Home: Montpelier, VA
Portraits & Sites 4: James Madison by Gilbert Stuart in National Gallery of Art. Washington, DC
5: James Monroe

term: (1817-1825) lived (1758-1831)
Home: Ash Lawn, Charlottesville, VA
Portraits 5: James Monroe by Gilbert Stuart in National Gallery of Art. Washington, DC
6: John Quincy Adams

term: (1825-1829) lived (1767-1848)
Home: Peacefield + houses in Quincy, MA
Adams Life
Birthplace, Quincy
Peacefield, Quincy
6: John Quincy Adams
7: Andrew Jackson

term: (1829-1837) lived (1767-1845)
Home: The Hermitage, Nashville, TN
Monument: Lafayette Square, Washington, DC
Monuments & The Hermitage 7: Andrew Jackson
8: Martin Van Buren

term: (1837-1841) lived (1782-1862)
Home: Lindenwald, Kinderhook, New York
Lindenwald Home 8: Martin Van Buren
9: William Henry Harrison

term: (1841-1841) lived (1773-1841)
Home: Berkeley Plantation, VA
Home: Grouseland, Vincennes, IN
Berkeley Plantation
9: William Henry Harrison
10: John Tyler

term: (1841-1845) lived (1790-1862)
Home: Sherwood Forest Plantation, VA
Sherwood Forest Plantation 10: John Tyler
11: James Knox Polk

term: (1845-1849) lived (1795-1849)
Home: Columbia, TN
Polk Portraits 11: James Knox Polk
12: Zachary Taylor

term: (1849-1850) lived (1784-1850)
Home & tomb: Louisville, KY
Home & Tomb 12: Zachary Taylor on Whig party poster
13: Millard Fillmore

term: (1850-1853) lived (1800-1874)
Home: East Aurora, NY
Home & portraits 13: Millard Fillmore. East Aurora, NY
14: Franklin Pierce

term: (1853-1857) lived (1804-1869)
Home: Pierce Manse, Concord, NH
Pierce Manse 14: Franklin Pierce, Concord, NH
15: James Buchanan

term: (1857-1861) lived (1791-1868)
Home: Wheatland, Lancaster, PA
Wheatland Home 15: James Buchanan
16: Abraham Lincoln

term: (1861-1865) lived (1809-1865)
Home: Springfield, IL
Monuments: Washington, DC; tomb: Springfield, IL
Chronology of Life of Lincoln in Photos 16: Abraham Lincoln
17: Andrew Johnson

term: (1865-1869) lived (1808-1875)
Homestead: Greeneville, TN
Monuments & Portraits 17: Andrew Johnson
18: Ulysses Simpson Grant

term: (1869-1877) lived (1822-1885)
Homes: Point Pleasant, OH + St Louis, MO
Monument: Tomb, New York City
U.S. Grant NHS, St. Louis, MO; Grant Cottage deathsite, Wilton, NY; Tomb & Memorials 18: Ulysses Simpson Grant
19: Rutherford Birchard Hayes

term: (1877-1881) lived (1822-1893)
Home & Presidential Center: Spiegel Grove, Freemont, OH
Spiegel Grove 19: Rutherford Birchard Hayes
20: James Abram Garfield

term: (1881-1881) lived (1831-1881)
Home: Lawnfield, Mentor, OH
Monument: Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, OH
Monument & Tomb
Chronology & mementos
20: James A. Garfield
21: Chester Alan Arthur

term: (1881-1885) lived (1829-1886)
Monuments 21: Chester Alan Arthur
22 & 24: Grover Cleveland

term: (1885-1889 + 1893-1897) lived (1837-1908)
Home: Westland Mansion, Princeton, NJ
Monuments: Buffalo, NY City Hall
Portraits 22 & 24: Portrait of President Grover Cleveland in New York State Capitol. Albany, NY
23: Benjamin Harrison

term: (1889-1893) lived (1833-1901)
Home: Indianapolis, IN
Presidential Site
23: Benjamin Harrison
25: William McKinley

term: (1897-1901) lived (1843-1901)
Tomb Canton, OH
Presidential Museum, Canton, OH
Family Home, Canton, OH
Monument: Memorials Niles, OH & Buffalo, NY
Wife's House
25: William McKinley
26: Theodore Roosevelt

term: (1901-1909) lived (1858-1919)
Home: Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay, NY
Inaugural Site: Buffalo, NY
Birthplace: New York City
Monuments & Inaugural House

Sagamore Hill Home
Sagamore Hill Museum
Birthplace, New York City
26: Theodore Roosevelt
27: William Howard Taft

term: (1909-1913) lived (1857-1930)
Boyhood Home: Cincinnati, OH
Birthplace 27: William Howard Taft
28: Woodrow Wilson

term: (1913-1921) lived (1856-1924)
Home: Shadow Lawn, now Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ + 2 other homes at Princeton, NJ; Boyhood home: Augusta, GA

Boyhood Home, Augusta, GA; Woodrow Wilson House, Washington, DC
28: Woodrow Wilson
29: Warren Gamaliel Harding

term: (1921-1923) lived (1865-1923)
Home: Marion, OH
House & Museum, Marion 29: Warren Gamaliel Harding
30: Calvin Coolidge

term: (1923-1929) lived (1872-1933)
Home: The Beeches & Library, Northampton, MA
Birthplace: Plymouth Notch, VT
Library & Home: Northampton, MA
Birthplace: Plymouth Notch, VT
30: Calvin Coolidge
31: Herbert Clark Hoover

term: (1929-1933) lived (1874-1964)
Library: West Branch, IA
Boyhood Home, Newberg, OR
West Branch Home Town
Boyhood Home, Newberg, OR
31: Herbert Clark Hoover
32: Franklin Delano Roosevelt

term: (1933-1945) lived (1882-1945)
Library: Hyde Park, NY
Home: Springwood, Hyde Park, NY
& Campobello, NB
Hyde Park Library
Hyde Park Home
& Campobello, NB
32: Franklin Delano Roosevelt
33: Harry S. Truman

term: (1945-1953) lived (1884-1972)
Library & home: Independence & Grandview, MO
Museum & Homes
Museum Murals
Birthplace, Lamar, MO
33: Harry S. Truman
34: Dwight David Eisenhower

term: (1953-1961) lived (1890-1969)
Library: Abilene, KS
Home: Gettysburg, PA
Museum, Abilene
Family Home
Museum Murals
History Objects
Gettysburg home
Portraits & Campaign Buttons
34: Dwight David Eisenhower
35: John Fitzgerald Kennedy

term: (1961-1963) lived (1917-1963)
Library: Boston, MA
Homes: Brookline, MA, Hyannisport, Hyannis, MA
& Georgetown, DC
Monument: Arlington, VA
Kennedy Library
Birthplace, Brookline, MA
Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, Dallas, TX Kennedy Sites
35: John Fitzgerald Kennedy
36: Lyndon Baines Johnson

term: (1963-1969) lived (1908-1973)
Library: Austin, TX
LBJ NHP Boyhood Home, Johnson City, TX
LBJ NHP TX White House, Stonewall
LBJ State Park, Stonewall, TX
LBJ Museum of San Marcos, TX
Presidential Library
Boyhood Home
Texas White House
LBJ State Park
LBJ Museum of San Marcos
36: Lyndon Baines Johnson
37: Richard Milhous Nixon

term: (1969-1974) lived (1913-1994)
Library& Birthplace: Yorba Linda, CA
Nixon Library
Nixon Birthplace
37: Richard Milhous Nixon
38: Gerald Rudolph Ford

term: (1974-1977) lived (1913-2006)
Library: Ann Arbor, MI
Presidential Museum 38: Gerald Rudolph Ford
39: James Earl 'Jimmy' Carter

term: (1977-1981) lived (1924-)
Library & Museum: Atlanta, GA
Home: Plains, GA
Presidential Museum 39: James Earl 'Jimmy' Carter
40: Ronald Wilson Reagan

term: (1981-1989) lived (1911-2004)
Library: Simi Valley, CA
Home: Rancho Cielo, San Clemente, CA
Presidential Museum
Air Force One Pavilion
40: Ronald Wilson Reagan
41: George Herbert Walker Bush

term: (1989-1993) lived (1924-)
Library: College Station, TX
Home: Walker's Point, Kennebunkport, ME
no photos 41: George Herbert Walker Bush
42: William Jefferson 'Bill' Clinton

term: (1993-2001) lived (1946-)
Library: Little Rock, AR
Birthplace Home, Hope, AR
Presidential Library, Little Rock, AR; Clinton Birthplace Home, Hope, AR 42: William Jefferson 'Bill' Clinton
43: George Walker Bush

term: (2001-2009) lived (1946-)
no photos
44: Barack Obama

term: (2009-2017) lived (1961-)
no photos
45: 45

term: (2017-2021)
no photos
46: Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

term: (2021-)
no photos

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